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Microbiome product
formulation specialists

Our products offer solutions to reduce agricultural chemical inputs by using alternative microbial formulations applied directly to the seed as a coating that inoculate the plant with a healthier microbiome, it can also be applied to the foliage for disease control at times of increased disease pressure closer to harvest. These act to promote growth and reduce abiotic stresses (nutrient deficiency and drought) and biotic stresses (disease).

Our products reduce chemical inputs in agricultural systems and replace chemical fungicidal seed coatings; increasing resilience against diseases such as economically important Fusarium head blight (FHB) and Septoria blotch of wheat and Ramularia leaf spot of barley.

Our seed dressing inoculants are a targeted and highly effective delivery system because when applied as spores the endophytes are present from germination. The beneficial microbiome combinations can also be applied as a foliar spray when growing.


Formulation Laboratories

We develop formulations that improve crop resilience and productivity under low nutrient input and in climate-stressed environments
Core areas: Abiotic and Biotic stress solutions

Product Performance

We have sourced endophytes from wild relatives of cereals such as wild barley, wild oats and relatives of wheat and demonstrated their ability to improve drought stress, disease pressure and nutrient use efficiency especially nitrogen. Notably, our seed coating products can significantly reduce the need for nitrogen fertiliser application without compromising yield.

Our Biobank endophyte collection has endophytes sourced from wild relatives of a wide range of crops including brassicas, cereals, beets, forage grasses, potatoes and cover crops such as lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries.

Our work on cereals has readily translated to cover crops such as strawberries for disease resistance and lettuce increasing growth, with new collaborative partnerships increasing plant applications.

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