Innovative microbiology
for agriculture

Welcome to Cropbiome

CropBiome sources its own plant & soil material from which we isolate, select, characterise and test microbes that are formulated into biological products for use in agriculture and horticulture. These products are applied for plant and soil health.

Our seed dressings allow crop growers to significantly reduce their costs while also benefiting the environment.

Our products provide a boost for growing crops, increasing their stress resistance and nutrient use efficiency.

Our biological endophytic technology can make major contributions to ‘Sustainable fertilisation’ as it offers an alternative to reduce nitrogen fertiliser supplementing its application through improved nutrient use, reduced nutrient losses, and crop production efficiencies.

We differ from other biological product manufacturers as our team’s know-how developed an innovative approach and novel platform for the discovery, isolation, extraction and identification of beneficial microbiomes from crop wild relatives of mass-produced crops.

We have isolated a large collection of microbes from the microbiome of a variety of crop wild relatives (plants and crops not impacted by intensive farming practices) and formulated these into product delivery systems for ease of application in mass agriculture crop production.

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