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Endophyte Discovery

We use a unique discovery platform to isolate beneficial microbes (endophytes) from wild relatives of crop species growing in the natural environment. These isolates are fully tested in controlled environments to assess any benefits to related crop species. The isolates are then formulated into products, such as seed coatings, and tested in the field.

eSeed (Seed Coating)

Our microbial eSeed treatments can increase crop yield, reduce fertiliser use and enhance plant resistance to stresses. We apply the crop inoculat as a thin fim seed dressing or directly to the crop plants. The dressings are endophytes that are symbiotic microbes living within plants. We have developed a pipeline of endophyte discovery to tailor formulations to the specific needs of farmers.

Soil Health Indicators

We are developing our unique microbial soil health indicator technology which will provide the farmer with critical statistics about the microbial status of soils and provide advice on how to optimize it for maximum yields with increased production efficiencies helping lower chemical inputs.


CropBiome have a large cryptopreserved collection of endophytes isolated from crop wild relatives and a proven pipeline of discovery. We have characterised the collections with DNA sequencing and phenotypic assessments for crop performance. We have developed a pipeline for maximum utilization of the Biobank and for fermentation of the most promising formulations.
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